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The Lennon Wall is a cherished cultural gem, proudly standing as a vibrant symbol of love, peace, and resilience. It's like a living canvas, forever changing with each stroke of paint. At our cozy souvenir shop, our mission is simple: to share and uphold these beautiful values through our collection of art, clothing, accessories, and memorabilia that celebrate the enduring spirit of the wall and its message of love and peace. We invite you to join us in spreading love, positivity, and carrying forward the legacy of the Lennon Wall.

About Us

The story of the Lennon Wall


Once a normal wall, it gained its significance during the communist regime and became a symbol of freedom, western culture and rebellion against the regime. The wall became a safe place for people to express their opinions and grievances. Among those, inspiring lyrics and positive messages would appear including John Lennon's quote and The Beatles lines. 

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IN THE 1970’S,

Writing on houses and walls can be traced through the 1970’s from accounts by Jiří Bareš, a Czech musical artist. Through this period, the city was covered in etchings, commenting on policial and social issues. 

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The death of John Lennon


After Lennon's tragic death in 1980, an unknown artist painted a single image of the singer-songwriter followed with lyrics from John Lennon's and The Beatles songs. The wall transformed into a prime site for Beatles-inspired graffiti and political messages. 

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Over the years

Over the years, the Lennon Wall has undergone many changes yet it never lost its symbolic value. Locals as well as visitors from all over the world, visit the wall to leave positive messages, little poems, inspiring lyrics, Lennon and the Beatles graffiti. 

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What started as a symbol of the struggle for liberation from the communist regime, now undoubtedly symbolises freedom, free speech, peace, resistance and most importantly represents global ideals such as love and peace. 

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